Table 4: Detection of Amplified Fragment

MaterialManufacturerCatalog Number
Dry heating blockN/AN/A
Water bathN/AN/A
Ice-water bath or crushed icedN/AN/A
Centrifuge compatible with 96-well platesN/AN/A
Aerosol-resistant pipet tipsN/AN/A
36 cm 3500/3500xL capillary arrayLife Technologies4404687
96-well retainer and base set (standard)Applied Biosystems4410228
POP-4™ polymer in a pouch for the Applied Biosystems 3500 or 3500xL genetic AnalyzerLife Technologies4393710
Anode buffer containerLife Technologies4393927
Cathode buffer containerLife Technologies4408256
Conditioning reagent pouch for the Applied Biosystems 3500 or 3500xL genetic AnalyzerLife Technologies4393718
Hi-Di formamide Applied Biosystems4311320
PowerPlex® 5-Dye Matrix Standards, 3100/3130Promega CorporationDG4700

From: Authentication of Human Cell Lines by STR DNA Profiling Analysis

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