Table D.2Literature relevant to Key Question 3

Research NeedCER FindingsStakeholdersPrimary StudiesAbstracts (published since CER)Ongoing Clinical Trials
Diagnostic accuracy of PCA37. Lack of clear endpoint to establish performance; when PCA3 disagrees with other inclusion criteria; how do you know which is right?No commentsFrom CER:
Liss 2011
Nakanishi 2008
Ploussard 2011
Vlaeminck-Guillem 2011
Whitman 2008

Updated Lit Search
Durand 2012
Van Poppel 2011
Longitudinal followup of prostate specific antigen (PSA) and prostate cancer antigen-3 (PCA3 in men with stable disease on active surveillance, Dangle et al., American Urological Association, May 22, 2012None identified
Use of PCA3 in Treatment Decisionmaking8. Lack of studies on how PCA3 actually helps in treatment decisionmaking?Possible role as a prognostic marker and in making refinements in therapy beyond active surveillance and aggressive therapyNone identifiedNone identifiedNone identified
Effect of PCA3 on Long-term Health Outcomes9. Lack of information on the impact of PCA3 on long-term health outcomesNo commentsNone IdentifiedNone identifiedNone identified

From: Appendix D, Literature Relevant to PCA3 Research Needs

Cover of PCA3 Testing in the Diagnosis and Management of Prostate Cancer: Future Research Needs
PCA3 Testing in the Diagnosis and Management of Prostate Cancer: Future Research Needs: Identification of Future Research Needs From Comparative Effectiveness Review No. 98 [Internet].
Future Research Needs Papers, No. 24.
Gutman SI, Oliansky DM, Belinson S, et al.

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