AID 588715Secondary kinetic rat mGlu5 calcium Fluorescence Assay Description using Fluo-4 AM Dye
AID 588736Secondary mGlu1 Selectivity Assay
AID 588733Secondary mGlu2 Selectivity Assay
AID 588728Secondary mGlu3 Selectivity Assay
AID 588734Secondary mGlu4 Selectivity Assay
AID 588735Secondary rat mGlu5 Fold-Shift Assay Using High Expressing Cell Line
AID 588730Secondary mGlu6 Selectivity Assay
AID 588731Secondary mGlu7 Selectivity Assay
AID 588732Secondary mGlu8 Selectivity Assay
AID 588737Secondary human mGlu5 Fold-Shift Assay Using Low Expressing Cell Line
AID 588710Secondary mGlu5 [3H]MethoxyPEPy Radioligand Binding Assay
AID 588753Secondary Ricerca Lead Profiler Binding Assay

From: Identification of a Selective Allosteric Agonist of mGlu5

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