Table F-5Detailed strength of evidence grading table, middle ear effusion and time with effusion

Intervention, Outcome, Time to OutcomeNumber of Studies; SubjectsRisk of BiasConsistencyDirectnessPrecisionStrength of Evidence Grade
Magnitude of Effect
TT vs. WW or delayed treatment, Time with MEE or OME,1 yr,MA 3, 574
1 study, 119
32% less time with MEE, sig less % time with OME, favors TT
TT vs. myr, Time with MEE, 1 yr2 studies, 294MediumConsistentDirectImpreciseLow for benefit, favoring TT
TT vs. WW or myr, Time with MEE or OME, 2 yrsMA:3, 426MediumConsistentDirectPreciseModerate
13% less time with MEE, MA favors TT
TT, Time with OME, 3 yrs1 study, 119MediumUnknown, 1 studyDirectImpreciseInsufficient, one study found no diff

Abbreviations: MEE = middle ear effusion; myr = myringotomy TT = tympanostomy tubes; WW = watchful waiting; yr = year.

From: Appendix F, Detailed Strength of Evidence Tables

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