Table F.1Ward data and measured air changes per hour

ParametersGeneral respiratory wardDrug-susceptible TB wardMDR-TB wardIsolation roomProcedures room
Floor area (m2)166513511.723
Ceiling height (m)
Total window area (m2)32.332.318.43.020.3
Openable window area (m2)12.522.
Area of doors (m2)16.6 (n = 4)9.2 (n = 2)3.8 (n = 1)2.0 (n = 1)3.7
Mean ACH25 (n = 26)29 (n = 15)33 (n = 42)49 (n = 7)51 (n = 7)

ACH, air changes per hour; MDR, multidrug resistant; TB, tuberculosis.

Note: The climatic conditions at the time of the measurement of ventilation rate were not available; therefore, the measured air change rates here are only indicative and short-term “snapshots”. The accuracy of the measured ACH is not known.

From: Annex F, Natural ventilation example I: Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo, Lima, Peru

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