CID/ML#Target NameEC50 / AbsAC40a (μM) [SID, AID]Anti-target NameIC50 (μM) [SID, AID]Fold SelectiveSecondary Assay(s) Name: EC50 / AbsAC40a (μM) [SID, AID]
CID 46742353
HIF-1α1.69 / 1.24 [SID 98626463, AID 493195]b
0.53 / 0.41 [SID 111978103, AID 504588]c
Proteasome Inhibitioninactive [SID 98626463, AID 493236]not applicabledHIF-1α Cellular Imaging: 1.40 / 0.28 [SID 98626463, AID 493239]c
RT-PCR VEGF Expression: 1.63 / 0.29 [SID 98626463, AID 493230]c

AbsAC40 represents a normalized activity where compounds are compared at a common threshold (see section 3.1.1)


Average of n=3;


Average of n=2;


Fold selective does not apply as compound was completely inactive at highest conc.

From: Discovery of a Small Molecule Activator of the Hypoxia Inducible Factor Pathway

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