11Other Significant Emotional or Medically Unexplained Complaints

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People in the mhGAP-IG category “Other Significant Emotional or Medically Unexplained Complaints” have anxiety, depressive or medically unexplained somatic symptoms. They do not have any of the conditions covered elsewhere in this document (except possibly for the condition self-harm). People in this category may experience either “normal” distress or a mental disorder not covered in the mhGAP-IG (e.g. somatoform disorder, mild depression, dysthymia, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, acute stress reaction, adjustment disorder).

The management of “Other Significant Emotional or Medically Unexplained Complaints” by practitioners trained in mhGAP-IG excludes psychotropic medications. Nonetheless, a subset of people in this category may benefit from medication prescribed by a qualified practitioner trained in diagnosis and evidence-based treatment of conditions not covered in this Intervention Guide.


Image ch11fu1.jpgThis module should not be considered for people who meet the criteria for any of the mhGAP priority conditions (except for the condition self-harm).


This module should only be used after explicitly ruling out moderate-severe depression (» DEP).

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