Table A-1PubMed search strings for KQ 1

Set #Terms
#1Schizophrenia[tiab] OR schizophrenia[mesh] OR bipolar disorder[mesh:noexp] OR “bipolar disorder”[tiab] OR “psychotic disorders”[tiab] OR schizoaffective[tiab] OR mania[ti] OR manic[ti] OR “bipolar affective disorder”[tiab] OR “serious mental illness”[tiab] OR “severe mental illness”[tiab] OR “severe psychiatric illness”[tiab] OR (“depressive disorder”[mesh] AND psychotic[tiab]) OR “affective disorders, psychotic”[mesh] OR “psychotic disorders”[mesh]
#2overweight[mesh] OR overweight[tiab] OR obesity[mesh] OR obesity[tiab] OR obese[tiab] OR weight[tiab] OR Body weights and measures[mesh] OR “body mass index”[tw] OR bmi[tw]
#3chlorpromazine[MeSH] OR chlorpromazine[tw] OR thorazine[tw] OR fluphenazine[MeSH] OR fluphenazine[tw] OR haloperidol[MeSH] OR haloperidol[tw] OR haldol[tw] OR iloperidone[Supplementary Concept] OR iloperidone[tw] OR fanapt[tw] OR loxapine[MeSH] OR loxapine[tw] OR loxitane[tw] OR molindone[MeSH] OR molindone[tw] OR moban[tw] OR chlorpromazine[MeSH] OR chlorpromazine[tw] OR thorazine[tw] OR perphenazine[MeSH] OR perphenazine[tw] OR pimozide[MeSH] OR pimozide[tw] OR orap[tw] OR thioridazine[MeSH] OR thioridazine[tw] OR thiothixene[MeSH] OR thiothixene[tw] OR navane[tw] OR trifluoperazine[MeSH] OR trifluoperazine[tw] OR stelazine[tw] OR clozapine[MeSH] OR clozapine[tw] OR clozaril[tw] OR risperidone[MeSH] OR risperidone[tw] OR risperidal[tw] OR olanzapine[Supplementary Concept] OR olanzapine[tw] OR zyprexa[tw] OR quetiapine[Supplementary Concept] OR quetiapine[tw] OR seroquel[tw] OR ziprasidone[Supplementary Concept] OR ziprasidone[tw] OR geodon[tw] OR aripiprazole[Supplementary Concept] OR aripiprazole[tw] OR abilify[tw] OR 9-hydroxy-risperidone[Supplementary Concept] OR “9-hydroxy-risperidone”[tw] OR paliperidone[tw] OR invega[tw] OR antipsychotic agents[mh] OR antipsychotic agents[pharmacological action] OR antipsychotic[tiab] OR antipsychotics[tiab]
#4#1 AND (#2 OR #3)
#5orlistat[Supplementary Concept] OR orlistat[tw] OR topiramate[Supplementary Concept] OR topiramate[tw] OR metformin[MeSH] OR metformin[tw] OR amantadine[MeSH] OR amantadine[tw] OR “Appetite Depressants”[Mesh] OR “Appetite Depressants” [Pharmacological Action] OR “Anti-Obesity Agents”[Mesh] OR “Anti-Obesity Agents” [Pharmacological Action]
#6“Nutrition Therapy”[Mesh] OR “Exercise”[Mesh] OR “Exercise Therapy”[Mesh] OR “Exercise Movement Techniques”[Mesh] OR “diet therapy”[mesh] OR exercise[tiab] OR “physical activity”[tiab] OR diet[tiab] OR diets[tiab] OR “weight management”[tiab] OR “Behavior Therapy”[Mesh] OR health education[mesh] OR health promotion[mesh] OR counsel*[tiab] OR counseling[mesh] OR “disease management”[mesh] OR “cognitive behavioral therapy”[tiab] OR “lifestyle modification”[tiab] OR (“life style”[mesh] AND modification[tiab]) OR “Patient Compliance”[Mesh] OR adher*[tiab] OR “self-monitoring”[tiab] OR “Recurrence/prevention and control”[Mesh] OR “relapse prevention”[tiab] OR “skills training”[tiab] OR “motivational interviewing”[tiab] OR educat*[tiab]
#7social support[mesh] OR family[tiab] OR peer[tiab]
#8Drug substitution[mesh] OR substitut*[tw] switch[tiab] OR switched[tiab] OR switching[tiab] OR change[tiab] OR changed[tiab] OR changing[tiab] OR replace[tiab] OR replaced[tiab] OR replacing[tiab] OR replacement[tiab] OR abandon*[tiab]
#9#5 OR #6 OR #7 OR #8
#10(randomized controlled trial[pt] OR controlled clinical trial[pt] OR randomized[tiab] OR randomised[tiab] OR randomization[tiab] OR randomisation[tiab] OR placebo[tiab] OR randomly[tiab] OR trial[tiab] OR groups[tiab]) NOT (animals[mh] NOT humans[mh]) NOT (Editorial[ptyp] OR Letter[ptyp] OR Case Reports[ptyp] OR Comment[ptyp])
#11#4 AND #9 AND #10, Limits: English

From: Appendix A, Exact Search Strings

Cover of Interventions To Improve Cardiovascular Risk Factors in People With Serious Mental Illness
Interventions To Improve Cardiovascular Risk Factors in People With Serious Mental Illness [Internet].
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