Table 1Total hospital costs for preventable conditions, 2005 and 2010

Preventable conditionsTotal hospital costs* (in millions)Comparison between 2005–2010 (percentage change)
Adults (18 years and older)$32,585$31,8712.2%
Uncontrolled diabetes without Complications$214$230+7.5%
Short-term diabetes complications$888$1,168+31.5%
Long-term diabetes complications$2,988$3,192+6.8%
Diabetes-related lower extremity amputations$1,624$1,765+8.7%
Circulatory diseases$9,192$8,5626.9%
Angina without procedure$403$254−37.0%
Congestive heart failure$8,240$7,420−10.0%
Chronic respiratory diseases$5,489$6,115+11.4%
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease$3,708$4,209+13.5%
Acute conditions$12,190$10,83911.1%
Bacterial pneumonia$8,115$6,723−17.2%
Urinary tract infection$2,503$3,048+21.8%
Children (Less than 18 years old)$941$64431.6%
Short-term diabetes complications (6–17 years)$94$71−24.5%
Pediatric asthma (2–17 years)$381$315−17.3%
Pediatric gastroenteritis (3 months to 17 years)$326$148−54.6%
Urinary tract infection (3 months to 17 years)$140$110−21.4%

All costs are adjusted to 2010 dollars using the overall Consumer Price Index.


From: Trends in Potentially Preventable Hospital Admissions among Adults and Children, 2005–2010

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