Table 21Estimated number of true positives, false positives, and false negatives with screening at postpartum and well-child visits

Time Since BirthSensitivity 90%
Specificity 80%
Sensitivity 85%
Specificity 85%
Sensitivity 80%
Specificity 90%
2 months
True Positives291,600275,400259,200
False Positives735,200551,400367,600
False Negatives32,40048,60064,800
3 months
True Positives130,366136,894141,801
False Positives712,710534,532356,355
False Negatives14,48524,15835,450
6 months
True Positives298,456290,097282,066
False Positives649,283486,962324,642
False Negatives33,16251,19470,517
9 months
True Positives289,864289,088287,541
False Positives591,501443,626295,751
False Negatives32,20751,01571,885
12 months
True Positives265,865267,082268,067
False Positives538,862404,146269,431
False Negatives29,54147,13267,017
True Positives1,276,1511,258,5601,238,675
False Positives3,227,5562,420,6671,613,778
False Negatives141,795222,099309,669
True Positives31.9%31.5%31.0%
False Positives80.7%60.5%40.3%
False Negatives3.5%5.6%7.7%

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