Set #Terms
#1all(“Maternal Health Services” OR Puerperal OR prenatal OR perinatal OR postnatal OR pregnancy OR pregnant OR postpartum OR post-partum)
#3#1 AND #2
#4all(diagnosis OR questionnaires OR Interviews OR Psychometrics OR questionnaire OR screening OR screen OR scale OR instrument OR instruments OR EPDS OR “Edinburgh postnatal depression” OR BDI OR “beck depression inventory” OR PDSS OR “Postpartum Depression Screening Scale” OR BPDS OR “Bromley Postnatal Depression Scale” OR LQ OR “Leverton Questionnaire” OR CES-D OR “Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale” OR HADS OR “Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale” OR PHQ-9 OR “Patient Health Questionnaire-9” OR “Zung SDS” OR “Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale” OR HRSD OR “Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression” OR PDPI-R OR “Postpartum Depression Predictors Inventory-Revised” OR GHQ-D OR “General Health Questionnaire” OR MADRS OR “Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale” OR “generalized contentment scale” OR “patient health questionnaire-2” OR “phq-2” OR “primary care evaluation of mental disorders patient health questionnaire” OR “prime-md phq” )
#5#3 AND #4
#6#5, 2004 - present

From: Appendix A, Exact Search Strings

Cover of Efficacy and Safety of Screening for Postpartum Depression
Efficacy and Safety of Screening for Postpartum Depression [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 106.
Myers ER, Aubuchon-Endsley N, Bastian LA, et al.

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