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Set NumberConceptSearch statement
1Adverse eventsAe.fs. or exp cross infection/ or iatrogenic disease/ or exp medical errors/ or adverse outcome/ or hospital infection/ or iatrogenic disease/
2Iatrogenic or nosocomial or (hospital adj acquired) or ((medical or medication or diagnostic or administration) adj2 error$)
3Combine sets1 or 2
4Direct observationDirect observation or (executive adj walk$)
5Chart reviewChart review or chart$.ti. or case finding
6Concurrent review/ or documentation or drug utilization review/ or medical audit/ or medical records/ or medical record review/ or utilization review/
7Combine sets – chart review5 or 6
8Trigger tools(electronic medical record/ or hospital information systems/ ) and (data mining or automated or automatic or surveillance)
9Electronic adj2 screen$
10Computer-based detection
11Trigger tool$
12Combine sets8 or 9 or 10 or 11
13Combine sets – trigger tools3 and (4 or 7 or 12)

From: Appendix C, Literature Searches and Topic-Specific Methods

Cover of Making Health Care Safer II
Making Health Care Safer II: An Updated Critical Analysis of the Evidence for Patient Safety Practices.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 211.

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