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Set NumberConceptSearch Statement
1Main concept“integrated operating room”[tiab] OR “integrated operating rooms”[tiab]
2Settingoperating rooms[mh] OR “operating room”[tiab] OR “operating rooms”[ti] OR “operating suite”[tiab] OR “operating suites”[tiab] OR “surgical suite”[tiab] OR “surgical suites”[tiab] OR “surgery suite”[tiab] OR “surgery suites”[tiab]
3Descriptive conceptintegrat*[ti]
4Additional descriptive concepts“central control”[tiab] OR “centralized control”[tiab] OR “centralised control”[tiab] OR dashboard*[tiab] OR digital[ti] OR display*[ti] OR “high definition”[tiab] OR PACS[tiab] OR “plug and play”[tiab] OR screen[ti] OR screens[ti] OR video[ti]
5Combine sets2 AND (3 OR 4)
6Combine sets1 OR 5*

Note: no publication limits or safety concepts were applied to the final set of search results because there were few results.

From: Appendix C, Literature Searches and Topic-Specific Methods

Cover of Making Health Care Safer II
Making Health Care Safer II: An Updated Critical Analysis of the Evidence for Patient Safety Practices.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 211.

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