Table 1, Chapter 33Results of included studies on patient safety culture

Author, YearDescription of PSPStudy DesignOutcomes: Benefits*
Abstoss, 2011204 culture & 3 system-level interventionsPre-postCulture survey: N
Teamwork: Y
Reported errors resulting in harm: Y
Overall reporting rate:
Adams-Pizarro,201124Multi-component interventionPre-postCulture survey: No statistical tests reported
Blegen, 201019Multi-component interventionPre-postCulture survey: Y
Cooper, 200844Crisis resource management trainingpre-post with control hospitalsCulture survey: N
Donahue, 201116Paraprofessionals communication trainingPre-postCulture survey: No statistical tests reported
Use of structured communication: No statistical tests reported
Rapid response events that led to code events: No statistical tests reported
Edwards, 2008 47Multi-component interventionPre-postCulture survey: Y
Frankel, 200815Executive walkroundsPre-postCulture survey: Y
O'Leary, 201013Structured Inter-Disciplinary RoundsConcurrent controlCulture survey: N
Teamwork: Y
O'Leary, 201112Structured Inter-Disciplinary RoundsConcurrent controlCulture survey: Y
Teamwork: Y
Paine, 201025Multiple interventionsPre-postCulture survey: Y
Pettker, 200922
Pettker, 201121
Multi-componentPre-postCulture survey: Y
Adverse outcomes: Y
Pronovost, 2005 48Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety ProgramQuasi stepped-wedge designCulture survey: Y
Nurse turnover: N
Length of stay: Y
Riley, 201118TeamSTEPPS trainingCluster RCTCulture survey: N
Adverse outcomes: Y
Sexton, 201123Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety ProgramPre-postCulture survey: Y
Thomas, 200517Executive walkroundsCluster RCTCulture survey: N overall; Y when analyzed by exposure to intervention
Tiessen, 200814Multi-component interventionPre-postCulture survey: N
Timmel, 201026Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety ProgramPre-postCulture survey: Y
Nursing turnover: No statistical tests reported

Overall results statistically significant – Yes or no

From: Chapter 33, Promoting a Culture of Safety

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