Table 11Description of diet interventions among adult patients with or at risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Author, Year

Name of Study

Duration of Intervention
Primary AimControl GroupDiet Intervention 1Diet Intervention 2
Zazpe, 200894
Razquin, 201092
Razquin, 201091


Duration 36 months
Change dietary composition to Mediterranean dietReceived leaflet about the American Heart Association dietary recommendations and single meeting with a dietician about this diet
  • Mediterranean diet composition with emphasis on virgin olive oil
  • Quarterly individual sessions with dietician with personalized motivational interviewing
  • Group educational sessions
  • Free access to study center dietician
  • Free provision of olive oil
  • Same as Diet Intervention 1 but with free provision of mixed nuts instead of olive oil
Abraira, 198099

Duration 24 months
Increase peak oxygen consumption through endurance exerciseNoneStandard diabetic diet:
  • Three meals + bedtime snack
  • Strict avoidance of refined sugars
  • Consumption of starches
  • Avoidance of saturated fat
  • No exchange system
  • No caloric goal
  • No specific carbohydrate distribution
  • Quarterly visits with dietician
American Diabetes Association Diet:
  • Daily caloric goal
  • Daily meal pattern planned and distributed through a food exchange
  • Three meals + bedtime snack
  • Carbohydrate distribution: breakfast (30 percent), lunch (30 percent), dinner (30 percent), and snack (10percent).
  • Moderate restriction of both refined sugars and carbohydrates
  • Quarterly visits with dietician

Study name listed only if applicable.

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