Table 12Description of physical activity interventions among adult patients at risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Author, Year

Name of Study

Duration of Intervention
Primary AimControl GroupPhysical Intervention 1Physical Activity Intervention 2
Yates, 201096


Duration 6 months
Increase physical activity through walkingPrinted information about impaired glucose tolerance and physical activity by mail
  • Single in person, 180 min group, session at baseline consisting of information about impaired glucose tolerance and counseling about perceived effectiveness of exercise, walking self efficacy beliefs, barriers to walking, and self regulatory strategies
  • 10 minute review of progress in person at 3 and 6 months
  • Received steps per day goal and pedometer
  • Same as Physical Activity 1 but no pedometer given
Anderssen, 199585
Torjesen, 199786


Duration12 months
Increase peak oxygen consumption through endurance exerciseUsual care/no intervention
  • Supervised exercise sessions lasting 60 minutes three times per week
  • Goal to attain improve peak VO2 by targeting 60 80percent of peak heart rate

From: Results

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