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S1(MH “Bladder, Neurogenic”)
S2neurogenic* n3 bladder OR neurogenic* n3 urin* OR neurogenic* n3 incontinen* OR neurogenic* n3 detrusor
S3neurologic* n3 bladder OR neurologic* n3 urin* OR neurologic* n3 incontinen* OR neurologic* n3 detrusor
S4overactiv* n1 bladder
S5S1 OR S2 OR S3 OR S4
S6MH overactive bladder OR mh enuresis+ OR mh urinary incontinence+ OR MH urinary retension
S7lower urinary tract symptom* OR urinary symptom* OR LUTS OR irritable bladder OR bedwetting OR enuresis OR nocturia
S8urin* n3 disorder* OR urin* n3 symptom* OR urin* n3 urgency OR urin* n3 incontinen* OR urin* n3 dysfunction*
S9bladder* n3 disorder* OR bladder* n3 symptom* OR bladder* n3 urgency OR bladder* n3 incontinen* OR bladder* n3 dysfunction*
S10voiding* n3 disorder* OR voiding* n3 symptom* OR voiding* n3 urgency OR voiding* n3 incontinen* OR voiding* n3 dysfunction*
S11incomplet* n2 bladder empt* OR impair* n2 bladder empt*
S12bladder n1 obstruct* OR bladder n1 control OR bladder n1 management
S13urin* n2 retent* OR urin* n2 retain*
S14resid* urine
S15(weak OR underactiv OR overactive*) and (detrusor OR lower urinary tract OR bladder)
S16(hyper-reflex* OR hypereflex* OR hyperreflex*) and (detrusor OR lower urinary tract OR bladder)
S17S6 OR S7 OR S8 OR S9 OR S10 OR S11 OR S12 OR S13 OR S14 OR S15 OR S16
S18MH nervous system diseases+ OR MH nervous system neoplasms+
S19neurological n2 impairment OR neurological n2 disease* OR neurological n2 disorder*
S20spinal cord n2 injur* OR spinal cord n2 trauma OR spinal cord n2 disease*
S21spinal n2 shock OR spinal n2 abnormalit*
S22multiple sclerosis OR parkinson* OR stroke OR dementia OR alzheimer* OR cerebral palsy OR hydrocephalus OR spina bifida OR hydronephro* OR dyssynergi* OR myelodysplas*
S23brain n2 injur* OR brain n2 tumor* OR brain n2 tumour*
S24neurolog* n4 spinal
S25diabet* OR neuropath*
S26S18 OR S19 OR S20 OR S21 OR S22 OR S23 OR S24 OR S25
S27(MH “Urinary Tract Infections+”)
S28(MH “Pyelonephritis”)
S29(MH “Cystitis+”)
S30(MH “Urethritis”)
S31(MH “Prostatitis”)
S32urinary tract infection* OR bacteriuria* OR pyuria* OR pyelonephriti* OR cystiti* OR urethriti* OR prostatiti*
S33S27 OR S28 OR S29 OR S30 OR S31 OR S32
S34(S17 OR S33) and S26
S35S5 OR S34
S36(MH “Antibiotic Prophylaxis”)
S37(antibiotic* OR antimicrobial* OR anti-infective*) and (prevent* OR prophyla*)
S38(MH “Antiinfective Agents, Urinary+”)
S39amdinocillin OR amifloxacin OR amoxicillin OR amoxiclav OR cinoxacin OR cephalosporin* OR cefalexin OR enoxacin OR levofloxacin OR nifurtoinol OR lomefloxacin OR cefotaxime OR cefuroxime OR difloxacin OR quinolone* OR flouroquinolone* OR ciproflax* OR cotrimoxazole OR carfecillin OR cycloserine OR carbapenem* OR doripenem* OR nitrofurans OR furaltadone OR flumequine OR fleroxacin OR furagin OR fosfomycin* OR furazolidone OR isepamicin OR nitrofurantoin OR gentamicin* OR mandelic acid* OR nitroxoline OR methenamine* OR nalidixic acid* OR norfloxacin OR ofloxacin OR oxolinic acid OR pipemidic acid OR pefloxacin OR piromidic acid OR pivmecillinam OR sulphanilamide* OR sulfacetamide OR sulfachlorpyridazine OR sulfadoxin OR sulfalene OR sulfamet* OR sul?onamide* OR trimethoprim* OR TMP-SMX
S40S36 OR S37 OR S38 OR S39
S41S35 and S40
S42English Language; Exclude MEDLINE
S43S41 and S42

From: Appendix C, Literature search strategies

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