Table 12Cost breakdown of diagnostic strategies

StrategyCost of tests per patient (£)Cost of PE treatment per patient (£)Cost of adverse events per patient (£)Total cost per patient (£)
Strategy 111515426296
Strategy 226322939531
Strategy 38412221227
Strategy 410513623264
Strategy 514316829340
Strategy 615616428347
Strategy 718217730389
Strategy 816316728359
Strategy 918918131401
Strategy 1013816428330
Strategy 1120822538471
Strategy 1227123540546
Strategy 139313122246
Strategy 1415716428349
Strategy 1518317830391
Strategy 1617017229371
Strategy 1719618532413
Strategy 1813916528332
Strategy 1911515426296
Strategy 2026322939531

From: Appendix H, Cost-effectiveness analysis – Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism

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