76Offer a salpingectomy to women undergoing surgery for an ectopic pregnancy unless they have other risk factors for infertility.
77Consider salpingotomy as an alternative to salpingectomy for women with risk factors for infertility such as contralateral tube damage.
78Inform women having a salpingotomy that up to 1 in 5 women may need further treatment. This treatment may include methotrexate and/or a salpingectomy.
79For women who have had a salpingotomy, take 1 serum hCG measurement at 7 days after surgery, then 1 serum hCG measurement per week until a negative result is obtained.
80Advise women who have had a salpingectomy that they should take a urine pregnancy test after 3 weeks. Advise women to return for further assessment if the test is positive.

From: 8, Management of ectopic pregnancy

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