Table I.6.7GRADE findings for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy using two or more hCG measurements plus progesterone (Model M3)

Quality assessmentNumber of womenMeasure of diagnostic accuracyQuality
Number of studiesDesignLimitationsInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecisionOther considerationsArea under the ROC curve

(95% CI)
Model M3
1 study

(Condous et al., 2004)
Prospective studyserious1no serious inconsistencyserious2,3no serious imprecisionnone195Test set: 0.836 (0.693 to 0.979)

(Other diagnostic accuracy measures not reported and not calculable)

CI confidence interval, hCG β-human chorionic gonadotrophin, ROC receiver operating characteristic


Unclear whether those performing the reference test were blinded to the results of the index test


Not all participants presented with pain and bleeding


Model was designed and tested on a specific inner city population, therefore may not be generalisable

From: Appendix I, GRADE tables

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