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Guideline: Potassium Intake for Adults and Children. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2012.

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Guideline: Potassium Intake for Adults and Children.

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Annex 2Examples of foods that contain potassium, and their approximate potassium content

The table below provides examples of foods from around the world that contain potassium, and gives the approximate average potassium content of those examples from various food composition databases.

Food groupApproximate potassium content,
(mg/100g fresh weight)
Beans and peas1300Cowpeas, pigeon peas, lima beans,
African yam beans
Nuts600Hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, brazil nuts
Green vegetables550Spinach, cabbage, parsley
Root vegetables200Carrots, onions, beetroot
Other vegetables300Tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins
Fruits300Bananas, papayas, dates

Note: The information in this table is based on approximate calculations of the average potassium content from an example of foods within each food group from food composition databases from around the globe. The potassium content varies within the food groups. Thus, the information provided can be used only for approximate comparisons of various food groups, and should not be used to estimate daily intake.

Sources: (56-61)

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