Appendix 6Characteristics of studies

Publication Details

Within these headings, papers are listed in date (oldest first) and then alphabetical order. The full reference details for all the papers in this appendix can be found in Appendix 5.

Studies in neonatal HIE were included in the report only if they provided information on complications/adverse effects/advantages of head cooling and are not included in Characteristics of studies. The studies are listed in Appendix 5 (see References to studies in neonatal hypoxic– ischaemic encephalopathy).

Characteristics of excluded studies

Traumatic brain injury (PDF, 59K)

Stroke: ischaemic (PDF, 51K)

Stroke: haemorrhagic (PDF, 76K)

Stroke: mixed (PDF, 56K)

Brain injury (PDF, 48K)

Cardiac arrest (PDF, 77K)

Studies in volunteers (PDF, 77K)

Studies awaiting assessment

Randomised controlled trials (PDF, 88K)

Other studies (PDF, 90K)

Characteristics of ongoing studies

Ongoing studies of head cooling in cardiac arrest are not included.

Stroke (PDF, 99K)

Brain injury (PDF, 55K)