Table D1Theme #1: General attitude towards modeling

16“Lack of experience with modeling…when we have the need to incorporate modeling, we've had to seek outside expertise.”
15“We've been doing models for 8 years, going back to the inception of the EPCs…we feel that they are a very important part of EPC work, and a natural extension of EPC work.”
10“Default should be a model in every CER report.”
7“No modeling experience and no intent either.”
4“No clear guidance from methods manual on how to address…low modeling expertise within EPC…need guidance from AHRQ in order to assess.”
“Models are useful if they change the scope of CERs from systematic reviews to guidelines…any step closer to the establishment of a guideline…usage of the guideline by someone other than researchers.”
1“We have not done much modeling but we are quite interested… possibly through collaboration with others.”

From: Appendix D, Verbatim Quotes for Key Themes

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