Table 3Screens Used to Identify PTSD in Primary Care Clinics

ScreenerScreen Type# ItemsResponse ScaleRetest Reliability*
Breslau Scale (Short Screening Scale for PTSD)PTSD only7Yes/No0.84a
Primary Care PTSD Screen (PC-PTSD)PTSD only4Yes/No0.83b
Single-item PTSD Screener (SIPS)PTSD only13-pt scale:
(Not bothered, Bothered a little, Bothered a lot)
Startle, Physiological Arousal, Anger, and Numbness (SPAN)PTSD only45-pt distress scale
(0 = Not at all distressing to 4 = Extremely distressing)
PTSD Checklist (PCL)*PTSD only175-pt degree of bothered scale
(1 = Not at all to 5 = Extremely)
My Mood Monitor (M-3)Several psychiatric disorders4 of 27 total items5-pt frequency scale
(0 = Not at all to 4 = Most of the time)
Provisional Diagnostic Interview – 4 Anxiety (PDI-4A)Several psychiatric disorders1 item (+ 1 other symptom) of 23 total items5-pt frequency scale:
(0=Never, to 4= Very often)
Anxiety and Depression Detector (ADD)Anxiety disorders & depression1 of 5 total itemsYes/NoNR
Generalized Anxiety Disorders -7 (GAD-7)*Anxiety disorders74-pt frequency scale:
(0=Not at all to 3= Nearly every day)

Abbreviated screens (PCL-7, PCL-3, GAD-2) scored in the same manner as the primary screening tools; reliability of PCL-7, PCL-3, and GAD-2 not reported.


Kimerling et al., 2006;13 test-retest interval = approximately 1 month; internal consistency = NR


Prins et al., 2003;9 test-retest interval = 1 month; internal consistency = NR


Gore et al., 2008;10 test-retest interval = median of 13 days; internal consistency = NA (1 item)


Weathers et al., 1993;46 test-retest interval = 2 or 3 days; internal consistency = 0.97


Spitzer et al., 2006;52 test-retest interval = within 1 week; internal consistency = 0.92


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