Table 3.14The 20 Leading Causes of Global Burden of Disease, DALYs(3,0), 2001

Cause DALYs (millions of years) Percentage of total DALYs (3,0) Cause DALYs (millions of years) Percentage of total DALYs (3,0)
1 Perinatal conditions90.485.91 Road traffic accidents35.062.3
2 Lower respiratory infections85.925.62 Hearing loss, adult onset29.992.0
3 Ischemic heart disease84.275.53 Cataracts28.641.9
4 Cerebrovascular disease72.024.74 Congenital anomalies24.951.6
5 HIV/AIDS71.464.75 Measles23.111.5
6 Diarrheal diseases59.143.96 Self-inflicted injuries20.261.3
7 Unipolar depressive disorders51.843.47 Diabetes mellitus20.001.3
8 Malaria39.972.68 Violence18.901.2
9 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease38.742.59 Osteoarthritis17.451.1
10 Tuberculosis36.092.310 Alzheimer's and other dementias17.111.1

Source: Authors' calculations.

From: Chapter 3, The Burden of Disease and Mortality by Condition: Data, Methods, and Results for 2001

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