Table 6.6Discounted YLL at Different Ages of Death for Several DALY Formulations

Age group Representative age of death (years) YLL(3,1) YLL(3,0) YLLSB(3,0,1) YLLSB(3,0,.54)

Source: Authors' calculations.

Note: YLL(3,1), YLL(3,0), and YLLSB(3,0,1) assume instantaneous ALP (A = 1). YLL(3,1) assumes full age weighting (K = 1); the other three formulations assume uniform age weights (K = 0). YLLSB(3,0,.54) assumes gradual acquisition of life potential (A = .54); table 6B.7 reports these YLL and 6B.8 reports the GBD based on their use.

From: Chapter 6, Incorporating Deaths Near the Time of Birth into Estimates of the Global Burden of Disease

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