Box 52.5Selected Resources for Developing National Palliative Care Programs

Resources available to countries include the following:

  • The WHOCC for Policy and Communications in Cancer Care at the University of Wisconsin serves as a critical resource for palliative care education and country policy makers interested in assessing their opioid drug regulations and developing strategies for change. Its Web site links to WHO guidelines in several languages and provides articles and reports on efforts to improve national policy and opioid availability in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. See
  • The WHOCC publishes Cancer Pain Release every quarter. The journal includes topical analysis of current issues in cancer pain management and palliative care and reviews recent international research and educational resources. See
  • The Open Society Institute sponsored workshops in cooperation with WHO's Essential Drug and Cancer units to bring together pain and palliative care experts and drug policy makers from Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to develop strategies for implementing regulatory change to improve opioid availability. The Open Society Institute also supports the development of implementation strategies in 12 of these countries. That effort involves experts in pain and palliative care, cancer, and AIDS and representatives from ministries of health and financing and health insurance programs. See
  • The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management has published three special supplements over the past nine years in association with the International Association for the Study of Pain. The supplements describe countries' efforts to advance opioid availability and palliative care. See
  • The International Observatory on End of Life Care is a clearinghouse on palliative care in resource-poor countries that is aimed particularly at policy makers. The initial focus has been on Eastern and Central Europe, but the intent is to cover all resource-poor countries. See
    Source: Authors.

From: Chapter 52, Pain Control for People with Cancer and AIDS

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