Table 59.1Worldwide Distribution of DALYs for Major Categories of Diseases and Conditions by Age Group and Sex, 2002 (percent)

Women Men
Category Age 5–14 Age 15–29 Age 5–14 Age 15–29
Sexual and reproductive causes4.633.43.99.5
 Maternal conditions0.416.30.00.0
 Other sexual and reproductive conditions0.
Respiratory conditions11.
Cardiovascular conditions2.
Neuropsychiatric conditions15.533.814.932.0
 Unipolar depressive disorders5.410.15.67.1
 Bipolar disorders0.
 Other mental health conditions1.
 Alcohol use disorders0.
 Drug use disorders0.
 Unintentional, road traffic accidents5.
 Unintentional, other16.87.721.812.9
 Intentional, self-inflicted1.
 Intentional, not self-inflicted (war, violence)
Other communicable diseases31.17.127.711.1
Other noncommunicable diseases9.

Source: WHO 2004a.

From: Chapter 59, Adolescent Health Programs

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