Table 20.6Average Cost per Person Vaccinated and per Death Averted for Scaling Up Immunization Coverage and Adding in Selected New Vaccines in a Hypothetical Population of 1 million for 2002–11 (2001 US$, current vaccine prices)

East Asia and the Pacific Europe and Central Asia Latin America and the Caribbean Middle East and North Africa South Asia Sub-Saharan Africa
Traditional EPI (mix of strategies)
 Incremental discounted cost/person vaccinated12.0311.5410.8912.8411.5811.16
 Incremental discounted deaths averted3,1657472,5524,5767,58414,584
 Incremental discounted cost/death averted4781,754791698274169
Tetanus toxoid (mix of strategies)
 Incremental discounted cost/person vaccinated4.063.343.283.343.983.88
 Incremental discounted deaths averted34322004652,8152,412
 Incremental discounted cost/death averted1,541>190,0003,1171,880271394
Second opportunity for measles (fixed facility)
 Incremental discounted cost/person vaccinated1.081.050.981.191.041.00
 Incremental discounted deaths averted1,138599951,3042,5099,646
 Incremental discounted cost/death averted1191991,9062287423
DTP-hepatitis B and Hib (pentavalent) vaccine (mix of strategies)
 Incremental discounted cost/person vaccinated15.1414.6115.6916.2315.2411.68
 Incremental discounted deaths averted47191162741921,796
 Incremental discounted cost/death averted>40,000>85,000>25,000>14,000>14,0001,433
Yellow fever (campaigns)
 Incremental discounted cost/person vaccinatedn.a.n.a.1.43n.a.n.a.1.42
 Incremental discounted deaths avertedn.a.n.a.94n.a.n.a.376
 Incremental discounted cost/death avertedn.a.n.a.2,810n.a.n.a.834
Incremental discounted cost/person vaccinated (mix of strategies)
 Hepatitis B monovalent (birth dose)
 DTP-hepatitis B (tetravalent)7.857.577.348.037.557.26
 Rubella (campaigns)
 Meningococcal A (fixed facilities)n.a.n.a.n.a.2.73n.a.2.33
 Japanese encephalitis (fixed facilities)4.56n.a.n.a.n.a.4.37n.a.
 Injectable polio vaccine (monovalent)7.126.726.427.326.856.60
 Injectable polio vaccine (combination with DTP)13.8814.8414.6215.2814.7714.19

Source: Authors' calculations.

Note: n.a. refers to not applicable when a specific disease is not prevalent in a specific region.

From: Chapter 20, Vaccine-preventable Diseases

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