Table 20.5Average Cost per FIC, Total Immunization Cost, Cost per Death Averted and Cost per DALY for the Traditional Immunization Program by Region

Strategy East Asia and the Pacific Europe and Central Asia Latin America and the Caribbean Middle East and North Africa South Asia Sub-Saharan Africa
Cost/FIC (2001 US$) (from table 20.4)13.2524.1218.1022.1517.1114.21
Percentage of FIC78.2293.7286.3690.9058.8650.20
Estimated total immunization cost (2001 US$ millions)316131174152227172
Estimated deaths averted (thousands, from table 20.2)728371741531,109867
Estimated cost/death averted (2001 US$)4343,5401,030993205205
Estimated cost/DALY (2001 US$)85395438166167

Source: Authors' calculations.

Note: DALY estimates are the sum total for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, and measles from table 20.3.

From: Chapter 20, Vaccine-preventable Diseases

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