Table 31.3Cost-Effectiveness Results: Schizophrenia

Model definition:
Treatment setting: (a) hospital- based; (b) community-basedWorld Bank region
Treatment coverage: 80 percentSub-Saharan AfricaLatin America and the CaribbeanMiddle East and North AfricaEurope and Central AsiaSouth AsiaEast Asia and the Pacific
Total effect (DALYs averted per year per 1 million population)
 Current situation7413611525887148
 Older (neuroleptic) antipsychotic drug149219214254177231
 Newer (atypical) antipsychotic drug160235230273190248
 Older antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment254373364353300392
 Newer antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment261383373364308403
Total cost (US$ million per year per 1 million population)
Current situation0.422.071.313.130.511.11
Hospital-based service model
 Older (neuroleptic) antipsychotic drug0.603.092.402.240.741.18
 Newer (atypical) antipsychotic drug2.806.335.416.163.364.63
 Older antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment0.673.272.562.360.811.26
 Newer antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment2.876.565.616.313.444.73
Community-based service model
 Older (neuroleptic) antipsychotic drug0.401.581.421.170.440.66
 Newer (atypical) antipsychotic drug2.594.854.455.113.074.12
 Older antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment0.471.811.611.320.520.75
 Newer antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment2.675.094.665.283.164.22
Cost-effectiveness (US$ per DALY averted)
Current situation5,69515,19211,40012,1345,9007,533
Hospital-based service model
 Older (neuroleptic) antipsychotic drug4,04714,12311,2058,7934,1645,120
 Newer (atypical) antipsychotic drug17,43326,89323,54322,53017,70218,700
 Older antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment2,6238,7817,0406,6852,6933,212
 Newer antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment10,99617,14615,02717,32911,16411,746
Community-based service model
 Older (neuroleptic) antipsychotic drug2,6687,2306,6184,5952,4992,855
 Newer (atypical) antipsychotic drug16,17420,58319,35218,68516,17816,622
Older antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment1,8394,8474,4313,7451,7431,917
 Newer antipsychotic drug plus psychosocial treatment10,23213,31312,48514,48110,23910,484

Source: Authors' own estimates.

Note: Intervention data in bold are the most cost-effective treatments of choice.

From: Chapter 31, Mental Disorders

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