Table 29.4Estimates of the Cost-Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Screening Every Two Years for Women in Selected Developed Countries

CountryAge of women being screened (years)Cost-effectiveness ratio (US$/YLS)a
Australia (de Koning 2000)50–697,680
France (de Koning 2000)50–694,580
Germany (de Koning 2000)50–698,880
Netherlands (de Koning 2000)50–693,140
Norway (Norum 1999)50–6914,790
Spain (de Koning 2000)50–696,590
Spain, Catalonia (de Koning 2000)50–694,400
Spain, Navarra (de Koning 2000)45–652,450
United Kingdom (de Koning 2000)50–692,680
United Kingdom (northwest) (de Koning 2000)50–643,650
United States (M. Brown and Fintor 1993)50–6934,600
United States (Simpson and Snyder 1991)50–6420,611

Note: The discount rate used was 5 percent.

a. Converted from euros to U.S. dollars, using the exchange rate €1 = US$0.925.

From: Chapter 29, Health Service Interventions for Cancer Control in Developing Countries

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