Table 4.2Leading Causes of the Disease Burden, by World Bank Region, 2001

Rank East Asia and the Pacific Europe and Central Asia Latin America and the Caribbean Middle East and North Africa South Asia Sub-Saharan Africa High-income countries
1Cerebrovascular diseasesIschemic heart diseasePerinatal conditionsaIschemic heart diseasePerinatal conditionsaHIV/AIDSIschemic heart disease
2Perinatal conditionsaCerebrovascular diseasesUnipolar depressive disordersPerinatal conditionsaLower respiratory infectionsMalariaCerebrovascular diseases
3Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseUnipolar depressive disordersHomicide and violenceTraffic accidentsIschemic heart diseaseLower respiratory infectionsUnipolar depressive disorders
4Ischemic heart diseaseSelf-inflicted injuriesIschemic heartLower respiratory infectionsDiarrheal diseasesDiarrheal diseasesAlzheimer's disease and other dementias
5Unipolar depressive disordersChronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseCerebrovascular diseasesDiarrheal diseasesUnipolar depressive disordersPerinatal conditionsaTracheal and lung cancer

Source: Mathers and others 2003.

a. Perinatal conditions include low birthweight, birth asphyxia, and birth trauma.

From: Chapter 4, Priorities for Global Research and Development of Interventions

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