Table 68.6Summary of Cost and Effectiveness (U.S. dollars)

Region Trained lay first responders and paramedic responders Staffed community ambulance, urban Staffed community ambulance, rural
Costs for a population of 1 million
East Asia and the Pacific48,050871,2082,623,392
Europe and Central Asia52,3391,024,2353,083,637
Latin America and the Caribbean74,5891,550,5214,659,017
Middle East and North Africa104,5852,435,0007,314,544
South Asia45,637803,3612,419,607
Sub-Saharan Africa52,339951,9062,864,062
Unweighted average 62,9231,272,7053,827,376
Cost per death averted for a population of 1 million a
East Asia and the Pacific1301,2453,748
Europe and Central Asia1411,4634,405
Latin America and the Caribbean2022,2156,656
Middle East and North Africa2833,47910,449
South Asia1231,1483,457
Sub-Saharan Africa1411,3604,092
Unweighted average 1701,8185,468
Cost per life year gained for a population of 1 million a
East Asia and the Pacific563190
Europe and Central Asia575227
Latin America and the Caribbean8111335
Middle East and North Africa11176530
South Asia560180
Sub-Saharan Africa681245
Unweighted average 794284

Source: Authors. a. Personnel consist of lay first responders together with paramedics.

From: Chapter 68, Emergency Medical Services

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