Table 37.1Search Strategy for Therapies

DiseaseSearch term for diseaseSearch term for treatment
Scabies["scabies"]["treatment of" or "ivermectin" or "permethrin" or "Lindane" or "malathion" or "benzoyl benzoate" or "crotamiton" or "sulfur"]
Pyoderma or bacterial skin infections["skin diseases, bacterial" or "ecthyma" or "staphylococcal skin infections" or "impetigo" or "pyoderma" or "folliculitis"]["drug therapy" or "prevention & control" or "therapy"]
Tinea capitis:["tinea capitis"]["drug therapy" or "therapy" or "prevention & control"]
Tinea imbricata:["tinea"]
Tropical ulcer["tropical ulcer$.ti"] or ["skin ulcer(explode)" and "tropic$.mp"]

Source: Authors.

Note: Terms in brackets are medical subject heading terms. If no standard medical subject heading terms were available, databases were searched either using the title option (denoted as ".ti") or the keyword option (denoted as ".mp").

From: Chapter 37, Skin Diseases

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