Table 34.2Burden of Sickle Cell Disease by Age Group, Assuming 1,000 Births per Year and Survival to Various Ages, Jamaica, Starting in 1973

Age group (years)
Category 0–4 5–9 10–14 15–19 20–24 25–29 30–34 35–39 40–44 45–49 Total or average
Number of survivors876834807777727680627564491440682.3
Number of deaths124422730504753637351560
Death rate (percent/year)2.610.980.660.751.321.331.612.102.732.171.63
Number of DALYs lost/death28.9028.5927.7726.8425.8224.6923.4322.0020.3918.5824.70
Total DALY losses from deaths3,5841,2017508051,2911,1611,2421,3861,48894813,856
Number of DALYs lost from background (chronic) anemia188171164158150141130119106931,420
Total DALYs lost from deaths and chronic anemia3,7721,3729149631,4411,3021,3721,5051,5941,04115,276
Number of pain crises/year242.7381.0383.8584.4866.7600.5523.6473.4309.6182.24,548
Number of other acute clinical events77.522.2182.2281.9
Number of other chronic clinical events49.814.812.810.988.3

Source: Authors' calculations based on Hambleton 2004a, 2004b.

Note: The number of DALYs lost per death is calculated assuming all deaths occur at the midpoint of the age interval. Life expectancies by age are those for all low- and middle-income countries together. The number of pain crises is the total during one year for all the individuals in an age group. Those who die during the interval are assumed to die in equal numbers at the midpoint of each of the five years and, therefore, to suffer half as much disability from chronic anemia and half as many pain crises in that year as those of the same age who survive the year. Blanks in the table indicate that clinical events are rare in the corresponding age groups and their numbers are not well recorded. The totals of acute and chronic clinical events are therefore probably slight under-estimates.

From: Chapter 34, Inherited Disorders of Hemoglobin

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