Table 47.1Prevalence of High-Risk Drinking by Gender, Age Group, and Region, 2000 (percentage of the population)

Age group (years)
Region Gender 15–29 30–44 45–59 60–69 70+
Europe and Central AsiaMale20.818.721.415.28.1
Latin America and the CaribbeanMale9.711.
Sub-Saharan AfricaMale10.414.312.911.38.4
East Asia and the PacificMale6.
South AsiaMale0.
High-income countriesMale18.017.916.210.97.6

Source: Authors' calculations based on Rehm, Rehn, and others 2003and Rehm and others 2004.

Note: The criteria for high-risk drinking were set sex specific (for details see text).

From: Chapter 47, Alcohol

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