Table 4.7Quality Assessment for studies reporting curative resection rates

No of studiesDesignLimitationsInconsistencyIndirectnessImprecisionOther considerationsQuality
Curative Resection
3observational studiesserious1no serious inconsistencyserious2no serious imprecisionnoneVery Low
1Observational studyvery serious3no serious inconsistencyno serious indirectnessno serious imprecisionnoneVery Low

Studies included in the systematic review were retrospective studies and consisted of both comparative and non-comparative studies


with some studies describing only the results of initial chemotherapy included in the systematic review, no information on treatment sequence was provided by these studies.


This was a small (n=35) retrospective case series study with very little information provided in the publication as it was an update of an initial series.

From: 4, Management of Metastatic Disease

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