Table 4.35Total costs and effectiveness by treatment strategy (in order of increasing cost)

StrategyCostEffectiveness (QALYs)
FOLFOX-irinotecan£ 16,2850.922
XELOX-FOLFIRI£ 16,6620.919
XELIRI-XELOX£ 16,7980.819
XELOX-XELIRI£ 16,8940.895
XELOX-irinotecan£ 17,3280.900
XELIRI-FOLFOX£ 17,3340.826
FOLFIRI-XELOX£ 17,4000.903
FOLFIRI-FOLFOX£ 17,9350.910
FOLFOX-FOLFIRI£ 18,3360.941
FOLFOX-XELIRI£ 18,5680.917

From: 4, Management of Metastatic Disease

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