Guideline development group members

Mark Turner (Chair)Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Neonatology, University of Liverpool and Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust
Gareth BarrettMidwife Practitioner, Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust (until March 2011)
Neil CaldwellConsultant Pharmacist, Children’s Services, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
James GrayConsultant Microbiologist, Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust
Paul HeathProfessor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Honorary consultant, Division of Clinical Sciences and Vaccine Institute, St George’s, University of London
Vanessa HodgeSenior Midwife, Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals Trust, Slough (from August 2011)
David HoweConsultant and Honorary senior lecturer in FetoMaternal Medicine, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Marie HubbardNeonatal Research Nurse, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Jane PlumbParent member, Group B Strep Support
Farrah PradhanParent member, Bliss
Aung SoeConsultant Neonatologist, Medway NHS Foundation Trust
Miles WagstaffConsultant Paediatrician, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Cover of Antibiotics for Early-Onset Neonatal Infection
Antibiotics for Early-Onset Neonatal Infection: Antibiotics for the Prevention and Treatment of Early-Onset Neonatal Infection.
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