Table 9.14Evidence profile for intravenous benzylpenicillin (50,000 IU/kg) every 12 hours in preterm babies (< 32 weeks’ gestation) with suspected infection in the first 3 days of life; all babies also received tobramycin or cefotaxime (dosage regimens not reported)

Number of studiesProportion of simulated babies (n = 10,000 simulations on 167 samples from 20 babies)* receiving 50,000 IU/kg of benzylpenicillin every 12 hoursEffectQuality
Relative (95% confidence interval)Absolute (95% confidence interval)
Probability of target attainment for pathogens with MICs of4 mg/l, using Monte Carlo simulation (with the assumption that in preterm babies, at least 50% of the time, the concentration of benzylpenicillin remains above the MIC)a
(Muller 2007)
100%--Very low

The estimates of the pharmacokinetic parameters and measures of dispersion from the study were used to simulate various dosing regimens and obtain the percent fT > MIC as a function of MIC. The simulated subjects were based on 167 data points from 20 patients and reasonable, justified, gestational-age appropriate assumptions about the variability between babies. A Monte Carlo simulation takes repeated samples (n=10,000) from these distributions to give the result reported

See the complete GRADE Table J 9.14

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