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1(spastic$ or spasm$).ti,ab.
4((non progressive or non?progressive or acquired) adj2 brain injur$).ti,ab.
6static encephalopath$.ti,ab.
7(cerebral adj3 pals$).ti,ab.
8(meningitis or meningococcal).ti,ab.
9((head or brain or skull or cerebral or craniocerebral) adj3 (injur$ or trauma$ or damage$ or disturb$ or insult$)).ti,ab.
11((brain vascular or intra cranial vascular or intra?cranial vascular or cerebrovascular) adj2 (disorder$ or disease$ or insufficien$ or occlusion$ or damage$ or disturb$ or insult$)).ti,ab.
13(shak$ adj3 (injur$ or syndrome$)).ti,ab.
16((physical or occupational) adj3 therap$).ti,ab.
18(rehab$ or habilitat$).ti,ab.
19(musc$ adj3 (strength$ or strong$)).ti,ab.
20((exercis$ or mov$) adj3 therap$).ti,ab.
22((resist$ or strength$ or weight$ or agonist$ or circuit$) adj3 (musc$ or train$ or bear$ or exercis$ or agonist$)).ti,ab.
23((function$ or locomot$ or e#centric or concentric or target$) adj3 (musc$ or train$ or bear$ or exercis$ or agonist$)).ti,ab.
25(multi?gym$ or multi gym$).ti,ab.
26(cycle$ or bicycle$ or bike$ or tricycle$ or trike$ or hand cycle$ or hand?cycle$).ti,ab.
27((rebound or trampolin$) adj3 therap$).ti,ab.
28(proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation or PNF).ti,ab.
29(motor adj3 (learn$ or train$ or re learn$ or re?learn$ or perform$)).ti,ab.
31((task$ or environment$ or context$ or occupat$ or participat$ or function$ or activit$) adj3 (manipulat$ or approach$ or train$ or therap$)).ti,ab.
32dynamic system$.ti,ab.
33(activ$ adj3 (daily living or daily life)).ti,ab.
35(bobath or NDT).ti,ab.
36((neuro?development$ or neuro development$ or neuromuscular or key point$) adj3 (train$ or treatment$ or therap$ or facilitat$ or approach$ or control$)).ti,ab.
37system$ approach$.ti,ab.
38(normal adj2 mov$ adj2 (pattern$ or facilitat$)).ti,ab.
39(abnormal adj2 mov$ adj2 (inhibit$ or control$)).ti,ab.
40(constraint$ adj3 therap$).ti,ab.
41(CIMT or MCIMT or “forced use”).ti,ab.
42((activ$ or passiv$ or musc$ or dynamic$ or static$ or isometric$ or relax$ or ballistic$) adj3 (stretch$ or mov$)).ti,ab.
43((serial or series) adj3 cast$).ti,ab.
44(postur$ adj3 (care$ or caring or manag$)).ti,ab.
45(functional sitting position$ or FSP).ti,ab.
46((speciali#ed or adapt$ or solution$ or mo?ld$) adj3 seat$).ti,ab.
47(knee$ adj3 block$).ti,ab.
48(sleep$ adj3 system$).ti,ab.
49(stand$ adj3 (fram$ or practi$)).ti,ab.
50(hydrotherap$ or aquatherap$).ti,ab.
51((water or swim$ or aquatic) adj3 therap$).ti,ab.
52(electric$ stimulation adj3 (therap$ or function$ or neuromuscular)).ti,ab.
54(home$ adj3 (activ$ or handl$ or interven$ or therap$ or program$ or care$ or caring)).ti,ab.
55(bio feedback$ or bio?feedback$ or feedback$).ti,ab.
56(virtual realit$ or VR).ti,ab.
57(balance adj3 (train$ or practi$ or exercis$ or game$)).ti,ab.
58wii fit.ti,ab.
59(computer$ adj3 (therap$ or game$)).ti,ab.

From: Appendix F, Search strategies

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Spasticity in Children and Young People with Non-Progressive Brain Disorders: Management of Spasticity and Co-Existing Motor Disorders and Their Early Musculoskeletal Complications.
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