Table 3Inclusion and exclusion criteria

CategoryInclusion CriteriaExclusion Criteria
PopulationAdults undergoing combination HCV antiviral therapy with pegIFN-α 2a or 2b and ribavirin, or Combination therapy with pegIFN, ribavirin, and HCV protease inhibitorsAdults undergoing:
HCV monotherapy
Long-term HCV maintenance therapy (longer than 52 weeks)

Children (<18 years)

Patients for whom HCV treatment is contraindicated:
Pregnant women
Patients with renal failure
Hemodialysis patients
Transplant recipients
InterventionsTreatment adherence interventions
ComparatorOther treatment adherence interventions or usual care
OutcomesKey Question 1:
All-cause mortality
HCV-specific mortality
Transmission of HCV
Liver transplants
Liver complications (cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer)
Change of HCV RNA from baseline
Liver function (i.e., change in ALT level from baseline)
Histological response (i.e., reduction in fibrosis)
Early viral response
Sustained viral response
HCV relapse rates

Key Question 2:
Treatment length (duration)

Key Question 3:
Adverse events
Time period2001 to presentStudies prior to 2001
SettingAll settingsNot applicable
Study geographyAll locationsNot applicable
Publication languageEnglishAll other languages
Study designRCT of any design (i.e. parallel, cross-over, factorial, cluster)
Controlled clinical trial
Prospective cohort study
Retrospective cohort study
Case-control study
Single case studies
Cross-sectional studies
Case series
Minimum followupKQ 1–2: 12 weeks postbaseline
KQ3: any
Study qualityAny

ALT = alanine transaminase; HCV = hepatitis C virus; KQ = Key Question; pegIFN = pegylated interferon; pegIFN-α = pegylated interferon alpha; QOL = quality of life; RCT = randomized controlled trial; RNA = ribonucleic acid; vs. = versus

From: Methods

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