Table 18Overview of surgical treatment studies addressing outcomes of interest

CharacteristicRCTsProspective Cohort StudiesRetrospective Cohort StudiesTotal Literature
Total N studies(n=5)(n=1)(n=20)(n=26)
Outcomes Reported*
Testicular descent411621
Testosterone concentration0011
Interventions Used
1 stage Fowler-Stephens0099
2 stage Fowler-Stephens001111
Primary orchiopexy301619
Laparoscopic exploration1012
Open exploration1012
Laparoscopic orchiopexy (primary or Fowler-Stephens)1113
Open orchiopexy (primary or Fowler-Stephens)1113
Study Population
United States0077
Total participants with cryptorchidism685661,9502,701

N = number; RCT = randomized controlled trial


Studies could report multiple outcomes.

From: Results

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