Table F-2Applicability for Key Question 1b

DomainDescription of applicability of evidence compared to question
PopulationThe study population primarily consisted of children with bilateral non-palpable cryptorchidism. One of the studies also included children with unilateral non-palpable cryptorchidism but the results were reported separately which allowed easy identification of the applicable results.
InterventionBoth studies used three daily injections of hCG to stimulate testosterone production although varying doses were used. Serum testosterone levels were measured by standard radioimmunoassays which are commonly available
ComparatorsNot applicable.
OutcomesAll studies confirmed the presence or absence by surgical exploration, which would be considered the gold standard for diagnosing anorchia in cryptorchidism.
SettingBoth studies were performed in Europe. However, there are minimal differences in the standard of care in this setting between Europe and the U.S. It is assumed that the initial hCG stimulation test was performed in the outpatient setting although this is not specifically mentioned.

From: Appendix F, Applicability

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