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Liu JJ, Davidson E, Bhopal RS, et al. Adapting Health Promotion Interventions to Meet the Needs of Ethnic Minority Groups: Mixed-Methods Evidence Synthesis. Southampton (UK): NIHR Journals Library; 2012 Nov. (Health Technology Assessment, No. 16.44.)

Cover of Adapting Health Promotion Interventions to Meet the Needs of Ethnic Minority Groups: Mixed-Methods Evidence Synthesis

Adapting Health Promotion Interventions to Meet the Needs of Ethnic Minority Groups: Mixed-Methods Evidence Synthesis.

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Appendix 6Launch conference feedback, 4 June 2009

  • Eighty-one delegates registered before the conference.
  • Eighty-one delegates attended the conference (a few delegates cancelled last minute; however, other delegates attended in their place).
  • Forty-four delegates (54%) completed a conference feedback form.

Summary of feedback scores (n = 44 delegates)

How would you assess the following?ExcellentGoodAveragePoorVery poorTotal (%)
Pre-conference registration procedures7327000100
Conference information and documents6434200100
Registration procedures at the conference7327000100
Venue, food and refreshments8020000100
Workshops and general discussions34501600100
Length of time allocated to presentations, workshops3952900100
Conference facilities including poster exhibition5039920100
How well did the conference meet your expectations?5243500100
Overall satisfaction with the conference?5741200100

Summary points

  • Overall, the delegates who responded felt that the conference met their expectations and were satisfied with the conference.
  • The venue, food and registration process were well regarded.
  • The presentations by the speakers were also highly rated.
  • The workshops and general discussion could be improved as well as the length of time allocated to them.

Overall strengths of the conference

  • Wide range of speakers, delegates and topics of discussion:

    wide range of speakers on interesting topics

    relevant, engaging, practical and challenging

    excellent, high profile speakers with an international perspective

    the conference was a place for researchers, health-care professionals and community workers to come together, I think that is very important to bring different sections of public health together.

Room for improvement

  • More time required to look at posters, to network and for breaks:

    more time to look at posters, not just during lunch

    more time for networking.

  • Workshops were too big and unstructured:

    more time in workshops and time for feedback

    longer time for discussion within smaller groups

    unsure what the purpose of the workshop was.

Most useful session

  • Many delegates found Dr Wayne Giles’ presentation to be the most useful as it provided examples from projects outside the UK:

    very clear, practical, clear outcomes.

  • Others found all of the sessions to be equally useful:

    can’t pick one – all equally useful and complemented each other well.

Topics of interest for future ethnicity and health events

  • More examples of successful interventions, particularly those that make links between good practice and health outcomes:

    more on best practice examples, both in communities and in regards to research.

  • More community involvement and its role in research:

    how do research and community projects, which already exist, can come together?

  • More on topics that intersect with ethnicity:

    ethnicity and social care, palliative care, end of life care

    sociological determinants of behaviour

    institutionalised racism.

Reasons for attending the conference

  • To further professional capacity, network and learn:

    to see how other interventions/studies could be learnt from and applied to my work area.

Additional comments

Thank you – these types of discussion needs to take place within the mainstream as a regular ‘agenda’ item.

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Included under terms of UK Non-commercial Government License.

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