TABLE 10Summary of theoretical papers on adapting health promotion interventions for ethnic minority populations

Airhihenbuwa 1994255Empowerment education as a health education and prevention modelAfrican AmericanModel promotes group education, efficacy and action
Appel et al. 2005269Rational choice theoryAfrican AmericanContextual factors, social incongruency and social isolation lead to increased opportunity costs to engage in protective health behaviours
Ashley 1999259Framework for health promotion and disease preventionAfrican AmericanFramework to guide the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of health promotion and disease prevention interventions
Burnet et al. 2002270Conceptual model for prevention of type 2 diabetes in high-risk minority youthAfrican AmericanModel situates behaviour change as constrained by barriers such as knowledge and beliefs, attitudes, social norms and the environment
Davis et al. 1999254Afrocentric systems approach to treat obese/overweight womenAfrican AmericanGuideline to integrate cultural strength and supports into the development of interventions for weight management
Davis et al. 2005258Tool kit for health and resilience in vulnerable environments (THRIVE)Ethnic minority communitiesTHRIVE is a community assessment tool to understand and prioritise factors that can help improve health and reduce disparities
Fitzgibbon and Sánchez-Johnsen 2004263Recruitment, retention, development and implementationAfrican American and LatinoConsiderations at recruitment, retention, development and implementation stages
Hugo 2000257Grading model for health education communication strategiesEthnic minority groupsGrading model for media appropriateness and cultural sensitivity of communication strategies used in health education
James 2004262PEN-3 model: three dimensions: health education diagnosis, educational diagnosis of health behaviour, cultural appropriateness of health behaviourAfrican AmericanFramework for health promotion with culture at the centre of health promotion and disease prevention
Keller et al. 2005265Treatment theory to address recruitment and retentionEthnic minority groups, with examples from African American and Latino communitiesTheory to address issues of recruitment and retention of ethnic minority women in obesity reduction intervention
Resnicow et al. 199935Deep/surface levelAfrican AmericanFramework to guide development of health promotion and disease prevention programmes that are culturally sensitive
Sorensen et al. 2003268Social ecological conceptual model for behaviours and their sociocontextual moderators and mediatorsWorking-class, multiethnic populationsConceptual model that links the pathways between risk-related behaviours and sociocontextual factors and proposes where along the pathway interventions should take place

From: 6, Systematic review of adapted health promotion interventions

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