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Genomics, Cancer Care & Advocacy

Genetic Alliance Monograph Series, Vol. 1

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Washington (DC): Genetic Alliance; .
ISSN: 1933-4168

In the past several decades, oncologists and cancer researchers have come to recognize the importance of the role of advocacy organizations in cancer research and treatment. With genomics poised to become a major force in cancer care, advocacy organizations have an important role to play in traditional areas of concern such as patient education about new genomic technologies. Advocacy organizations also have the potential to serve as partners with clinicians, researchers, policy makers and others in developing an agenda for further research, creating guidelines for practice, and working for the passage of legislation to address problems such as genetic discrimination. With this in mind, we organized a workshop on Genomics, Cancer Care and Advocacy, with the sponsorship of the Genetics and Public Policy Center at John Hopkins University and Genetic Alliance. This report provides an overview of the workshop content and the proactive plan for advocacy involvement developed by participants. Participants in the Genomics and Cancer Care and Advocacy Workshop formulated a proactive plan for advocacy involvement in cancer care.

Funding provided by an educational grant from Genomic Health, Inc.

Copyright © 2006, Genetic Alliance.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivitives 2.5 License

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