Why should I talk to my family about Gaucher?

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Gaucher is a rare condition (relative to other chronic health conditions). Most people do not know what it is and might never have heard of it. You may find that many doctors and other healthcare professionals do not know much about it.

It is important to help your family and healthcare providers understand what Gaucher is, what it means for you, and how your diagnosis might impact your family. Some topics to share are major signs and symptoms and how the condition is passed down through families. Turn the page for more information on Gaucher.

Sharing your story will help your relatives understand their family health history. In turn, it is helpful for you to know your whole family health history, including Gaucher and other conditions that might run in your family. Putting the whole picture together will help you and your relatives:

  • Identify risks due to shared genes.
  • Talk to each other about health (including quality of life).
  • Summarize health information to give to healthcare providers.