Alpha-1 Foundation:

Allison Andrews, Symma Finn, Rebecca McClure, Lauren Peterka, Laura Schwarz, Kristy Tholanikunnel

Institute for Cultural Partnerships:

Lori Rose Burnett, Barbara Jackson, Central Pennsylvania Coalition United Against Cancer (CATALYST), Reclaim the Streets Ministries

Intermountain Healthcare:

Dave Collingridge, Grant Wood

Iona College:

Meryl Nadel and other members of the Community Advisory Board: Linda Amend, Cheryl Archibald, Delores Patterson, Colette Phipps, Lavinia B. Smith, Marie Riffel, Dozene Guishard

Office of Justice and Peace/St. Mary’s Health Wagon:

JoElla Dales, Jacqulyn Hanrahan

Seattle Indian Health Board:

Az Carmen, Mary Kummer, Jim La Roche, Jenny Lee, Bernard Miller, Maile Taualii, Ursula Tsosie, Shelby Wilson, and Community Advisory Board members: Karl Anquoe, Annette Squetimkin-Anquoe, Ramona Beltran, Jessica Dominy, Tricia Murdock